It ain’t all pretty!

So I discovered Instagram and am hooked! So many amazing people, photos and stories out there, I love it!
I’m sorry (not sorry) that I’ve started posting photos by the bucketful,  I’m trying to hold off but I’m struggling! It seems I’m constantly looking for something in the garden that will ‘take a good snap’.  Having said that, you don’t have to look too far, gardens just seem to have that ‘snapability’ about them (not sure that’s a real word but it works!)
Just to be clear though, my garden isn’t perfectly coiffered and it isn’t chocoblock full of picture perfect planting.. ohhh no, there’s piles of mud, discarded tat, failed planting experiments, wilting flowers, broken pots and fermenting compost (..the list goes on). Those poor forgotten corners that just don’t get a look in on instagram 🙁
Don’t going feeling too sorry for them though. Hell no. They are the bits that are really exciting, the bits that have yet to ‘become something’, the bits that properly get the imagination tingling! There are soooo many projects on the horizon. Those bits of the garden will need to bide their time, but their moment of snapability will come and I can’t wait! 😄

Technology and gardening do mix – who knew?!

So… I have just started this blogging thing. I’m not sure why to be honest! It was a spur of the moment thing. I blame my good friend Helen – a self confessed social media addict. Helen was with us in the garden and we were showing her all the things we have planned and getting a bit over excited about the chicken coup (which is the next job!) Then she pipes up with..’you need to blog this’….. An hour later I was bought in.

Only one problem, I’m a complete technophobe and waaay behind on the whole social media/web/blog thing.  But hey, before I went to bed that night I had a website, a pinterset account and an instagram account (my new favourite thing in the world!).

I still have no real idea what I’m doing so please bear with – but you know, I’m really quite enjoying myself!  I’ve always liked taking photos of my garden but with no real purpose.  Apart from the occasional Facebook post, it’s only me that gets to see them. Now I get to share them, Yeah! And the teeny tiny thrill when somebody from across the pond clicks ‘like’! 

I’ve also doubted whether I’ve got the time to bother with the whole technology/blog thing, being a working mum in this day and age is busy enough without adding extras! And I’ve worried about me spending less time on the actual thing I love doing the most – gardening. Well I needn’t have worried. I have taken a billion more photos of the my garden than I would normally and just knowing that I’ll share them has got me looking really closely, appreciating every little detail and loving everything just a little bit more! Obviously I want to share the best pics so I look for the best things to snap and there is sooo much to choose from! 

I’be also discovered and seen other peoples garden pics from all over the world, they are beautiful and inspiring. I’ve learnt so many top tips and have so many more ideas now. How amazing is it to suddenly find millions of like minded people out there! And I write this whilst watching the sunset behind my poly tunnel. 

Nature is wonderfully photogenic and technology is an incredible way to share the joy! Gardening and technology do mix, who knew?!! 

(Have to add a quick thankyou to Helen my amazing social media addict, slightly on the nutty side friend of old!)

Found this daisy this morning whilst looking for photos! The flower is actually smiling back at me!

The allotment

I’ve always dreamed of having an allotment of my own. I used to help my dad grow veg at the bottom of our garden when we were kids and I guess I just got the bug!

A few years back before we moved here, hubby and me bagged ourself a village allotment and I was beside myself with excitement. It didn’t quite work out though, because, after a few months of frantic digging, planting and making friends with our fellow allotmentees (is that a word?!) we realised we’d bitten off more than we could chew. We (me and hubby) had 2 very young children,  full time jobs and sadly we learned that my dear father in law was terminally ill. We had our hands, heads and hearts full and so had to let the allotment go.

3 years later we spotted this house and fell in love. It was perfect (ok so it needed more than a bit doing to it – but to us it was perfect!) It was nearer to my very poorly father in law, nearer to a lot of my hubby’s enormous extended family, great schools, old friends and to top it off, a ruddy great big garden!! What’s not to love! !

Unfortunately, my father in law never got to see our new home but we do know that the garden would have put the biggest smile on his face 😃 (He was very much a green fingered garden lover and a real inspiration)!

Of all the million and one things we wanted/ still want to do in the garden, having an allotment was no.1 so that’s exactly what we did and that is the beginning of our garden story ….

The first beds
A poly tunnel – so excited about the poly tunnel!!
Let the cropping season begin!


I love my garden!

I’m no pro gardener and I don’t have a whole lot of spare time on my hands so if you’re stumbled onto this site looking for expert gardening advice then you’re probably in the wrong place!

But I do love my garden.  We moved into our new house around two years ago and with the house came a great big blank canvas of a garden.  Just grass, a patio and a fabulous countryside view  – lucky us!

2 years ago – a glorious blank canvas!

The novelty hasn’t quite worn off yet and I’m not sure it ever will 🙂

Anyway, we’ve spent all our spare hours starting to transform the big slab of grass into an amazing garden. We’re not there yet by any stretch… there are so many more jobs to do and so many ideas to bring to life. So I thought I’d bring you along for the ride (and maybe even get some top tips from you green fingered folk out there).

I have to say I’m pretty excited about starting this blog and sharing all things garden.  It’s all very new to me and I’ll be honest I’m a lot better at planting than I am with technology, so please bear with!

wishing you all a fab day

from the spare-time gardener